Stretching of the Super-Elastic Double-Helix Geon. Wheeler´s Thermal Geons as Quanta of Heat and Momentum. Bohm´s Diffusion and the Heating of the Solar Corona and Heating of the Earth - Geon Engineering. Milgrom-Verlinde Constant. Mareš - Šesták constant

  •  Jiri Stavek    


In our approach we have combined knowledge of Old Masters (working in this field before the year 1905), New Masters (working in this field after the year 1905) and Dissidents under the guidance of Louis de Broglie and David Bohm. Based on the great works of Julian Schwinger and John Archibald Wheeler we will study properties of geons formed by fusion of two soft x-ray particles (dyons) in the Schwarzschild gravitation core in our Sun at temperature 16 * 106 K. There are now several Teams that are able to achieve this fusion temperature in their special instruments (Tokamak, HL-2M Tokamak, Wendelstein 7-X, NIF, etc.) and to study properties of those formed geons. Thermal geons are with us all the time but they are very deeply hidden in our experiments. We have newly introduced Mareš - Šesták constant as the ratio of geon momentum to heat quantum of geon. The key information to enter into the World of geons was the empirical formula of David Bohm - the very well-known Bohm diffusion. From this formula we have extracted the amplitude, wavelength, frequency, quantum of the geon action, displacement law for geons, etc. It was found that geons are highly sensitive to the magnetic field strength. At a low magnetic field strength, the “inflation of geons” can occur. This effect could explain the Superheating of the Solar corona and the observed Heating of the Earth during two last centuries influenced by the changes in the Earth´s magnetic field. Geon engineering might modify the geon volume through the magnetic field strength. On the other hand, we were stimulated by the works of Mordehai Milgrom and Eric Verlinde and derived the Milgrom-Verlinde constant describing the gravitational field strength leading to the Newtonian gravitational constant on thermodynamic principles. The quantum of the geon momentum might open a new way how to understand gravitational phenomena. Can it be that Nature cleverly inserted geons into our experimental apparatuses and into our very-well known Old Formulae? We want to pass this concept into the hands of Readers of this Journal better educated in the Mathematics, Physics, and Thermodynamics.

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